Something Blue

London based, Leoni Blue works with a documentary approach to Weddings.

Her work at ASOS and Noctis Magazine has informed the fashion narrative that seeps into her editorial work

and allows for the essence of a more relax natural feel to the images.

Leoni Blue will call you out on a fake smile. She wants you to feel at ease and make you laugh so that the

photographs have a natural allure that complements the day. Working with daylight and

attention to detail, Leoni Blue’s photography reinterprets a soft colour palette to accommodate a discreetly

feminine style. Capturing a moment is never dictated by the photography itself, but by how the day unfolds

naturally; your day will not be interrupted, but the best frame will always be looked for.

Through polite notions, Leoni Blue prides herself on being able to express emotion and capturing the

essence of a person while delving into elements of humour with her photography, which gives the images a

sense of fun and exuberance. From a tender touch to a loving smile, the uniqueness and unpredictability of

photographing people is something she loves.

For Prices for 2018 drop us a line.

Prices range from £1,500 - £2,000

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